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Docs With Disabilities Podcast | Family Medicine | Michigan Medicine | University of Michigan

Listen to this podcast about professionals who have disabilities; hear their journeys, triumph and travails first hand. The podcast is co-hosted by Dr. Lisa Meeks, expert advocate for medical students and physicians who have a disability. She is also the former Director of Student Disability services at UCSF. Dr. Meeks and I have assisted medical students in obtaining exam accommodations from the NBME.

Docs With Disabilities

Recommended Tutors and Specialists in San Francisco

Expert Tutor for youth with learning differences

Michele Fishbein
(202) 427-7287

Michele Fishbein has always been passionate about children, learning, and education. She received a BS in Human Development and Family Science and a minor in Education from the University of Maryland. Later, she obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the Catholic University of America and had extensive training in Educational Therapy. Michele’s professional experience includes working for over 20 years privately, in schools, and at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. During this time Michele was a Reading Specialist, Academic Coach, Tutor, and Educational Case Manager. She also served as lead teacher and Child Psychiatric Specialist at the Children’s National Medical Center, in Washington, DC. She provided individual and group instruction for patients and worked collaboratively with schools and the medical care team. Michele currently has a private practice in San Francisco and provides remediation for students with a variety of learning differences, including Dyslexia, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Executive Functioning, and Dysgraphia. Additionally, she is a Learning Specialist at Marin Country Day School and co-leads the Multi-Sensory Literacy Summer Program at Convent and Stuart Hall in San Francisco. Michele is certified in Orton-Gillingham’s Reading Program, Read Naturally, Handwriting Without Tears, and Making Math Real.

Expert Tutor for youth with learning differences

Scholar Co.
Bridget Allen
(415) 409-3500

A graduate of The Hotchkiss School and Yale University, Bridget Allen has over thirteen years of full-time experience as an education specialist and independent admissions consultant in San Francisco. She and her team specialize in academic support and enrichment, standardized test preparation, and comprehensive college advising services, all in a one-on-one, site-based setting. Bridget and her team have a deep history of working with students of all learning profiles, cultivating a lifelong love of learning and helping to transform academic challenges into strengths. Their matriculation list reflects a broad range of schools and selectivity, including the most competitive colleges and universities in the United States. She and her fellow consultants at Scholar Co. are passionate about helping their students become agents of their own learning, guiding students as they make curricular and extracurricular choices throughout high school, and ultimately supporting them as they tell their stories and seek to gain entry to the college or university that is the best fit for them.

Expert Psychologist who treats test anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias

Liz McMahon, Ph.D.
(415) 625-3565

Dr. McMahon has over 30 years of practical experience in treating various anxiety disorders, phobias and fears, including fears of flying, public places, speaking, and taking tests.  Research supports that relatively short-term periods of treatment can yield big results when properly addressing fears and phobias.

Links to learning disabilities websites:

Links to ADHD websites:

General Information about Learning Disorders:

“A Mind at a Time” Mel Levine, M.D. 2003

For Dyslexia/Reading Disorder:

“Overcoming Dyslexia: A new and complete science-based program for reading problems at any level.” Sally Shaywitz, M.D. 2003

For Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder:

“Driven to Distraction” Edward Hallowell, M.D.

“Attention Deficit Disorder: The unfocused mind in children and adults”

Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. 2005

For Parents of Children with Attention Deficit Disorder:

“Attention Deficit Disorder: The unfocused mind in children and adults”

Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. 2005

“Teenagers with ADD: A parent’s guide” Chris Dendy, M.S. 1995

Strategies for Success for College Students:

“Learning Outside the Lines: Two ivy league students with learning disabilities and ADHD give you the tools for academic success and educational revolution”

Jonathan Mooney and David Cole. 2000

“Survival Guide for College Students with ADD or LD”

Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.

Understanding the Social and Cognitive Processes in Law School that create unhealthy Lawyers

By Kathryne M. Young / Fordham Law Review